LifeMAP for Teens

Transition to college or work life is daunting for all high school graduates. Autistic teens with the unique strengths and challenges of autism can benefit from individualized work with a LifeMAP Coach. Learning to work with, and request help from, adults outside the family is an essential survival skill for independence. As a result, we have developed LifeMAP for Teens (ages 16 to 22). Through this one-on-one coaching model, our objective is to reduce the stress of living as an Autistic teen as we build skills to help navigate the transition to adulthood.

Coaches and clients, working in conjunction with parents, focus on identifying and overcoming specific hurdles unique to each teen-aged client. Helping clients create and implement sustainable systems for success, using individual strengths, interests and talents, will provide opportunities for personal growth and lay the foundation for a successful transition.


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