Online Video Coaching

LifeMAP Online Video Coaching provides our LifeMAP coaching assistance to clients at any location with the ease and convenience of internet-based video conferencing.  We use any of the popular platforms including Zoom, FaceTime®, and Google Hangouts™, according to the preferences of the client. 

Using video communications offers new opportunities for the coaching experience: 

  • Coaching from any location makes it possible to have the very best client/coach match.
    • Many more characteristics can be considered in a client/coach match, such as hobbies and interests, life experiences, professional backgrounds and more.
  • The technology creates new ways for coaches to help clients.
    • Enhanced flexibility for the coaching meeting time - for example, the possibility of "micro" sessions for more frequent, short check-ins.
    • Visual Sharing - for example, a client whose goal is to organize a physical space can bring their coach on an instant visual tour.
  • Clients with extreme sensory sensitivity are freed from any distraction due to a coach’s physical presence. 

Any of the LifeMAP programs are available through Online Video Coaching.

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