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As a result of many challenges that confront Autistic adults on a daily basis, it is often difficult for them to reach their full potential. However, with the help of a coach who understands what the AS diagnosis means, our clients are able to be more organized, get things done, balance their everyday life better and, as a result, have a better quality of life. Significantly, our coaches help clients to understand how autism impacts their lives and how to manage in real life situations. Self awareness and self-advocacy are important skills that our clients learn to apply in a variety of settings and situations. The coach carefully monitors progress and prepares the client for future situations he/she may face and helps to be more prepared for them. This in turn reduces their stress levels as they learn to anticipate what is to be expected.

The coach also reviews many challenging social situations that our clients face at work/school or in social settings and they help the clients to understand these situations and respond appropriately, or to be an effective communicator/advocate, etc. Coaches also help their clients to generalize skills and to focus less on unimportant details and more on the big picture. Connectedness, expanding the client’s social network, developing their organizational skills in general and preparing them for future employment, or maintaining jobs are the most common goals that our clients work on.


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